Guitar PK

GPK Recordings, a self-producing, independent label for all the music I make as a solo artist – I use the alias “GUITAR PK” being partly my initials and also my primary instrument. I have been writing and recording instrumental music since around 2015, the fruits of which can be heard on my first two solo albums – “Living Breathing” and “Attention Span”. I currently live in East Sussex, UK.

Guitar PK (Paul) 2016

The skill I was most associated with as a child was drawing and art but music has always excited me more. Radio and pop music were a big thing at home, growing up in the 1970s. I learned guitar via a friend of a neighbour who was into Blues and Hard Rock. I heard Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath for the first time. From this time, for the next 15 years, I was part of a group in some shape or form.

Paul on lead guitar with Freakscene performing in the 1990s.
Paul on lead guitar with Freakscene performing in the 1990s.

There was a low point during the early 1990s as I became unemployed and struggled financially. This was a sharp decline in my prospects from leaving school to my mid-20s. Though I was always playing music throughout these darker times. We would be playing pubs, community centres or local festivals around London and Essex. That kept me going with a sense of purpose.

Friction 1980s (Left to Right): Gary, Tommy, Paul and Sean

We pushed ourselves as a band as far as we could but I still wasn’t making a living and needed to find work. So I began re-training as a designer, catching up with education that had been lost. From around 2000 I worked in the advertising industry and eventually started my own digital design business.

Now I am focussed once again on music making, seeing how far I can push myself creatively. It’s been a messy journey to reach this point, a little later in life. I feel more accomplished as a musician and have an open mind when it comes to listening, whether it’s Jazz, Rock, Electronic or Orchestral music. My guitar playing has many subconscious influences, everybody hears different things.

Paul Kent (aka GUITAR PK)